Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 123/365
Nothing of interest to show today.
I worked, it rained, I didn't have a chance
to take a decent pic, so here are the ones I had
a play with.
While Sheri was having her music lesson I
went to the bridge and took these pics adjusting
the shutter speed. I found that I can adjust
a lot further than I thought.
I would like to have a proper subject
to practice on.
This one is ok, but just looks like a pretty
normal photo.

I really like this one, set on the 16" setting
with f5.6, not sure what all that means
but I like the misty look.
It was raining so I was sitting in the car
trying to take these. They are
not focused at all. Note to self *next time go
when it is not raining, and use the tripod.
Not liking the way this one looks.
changed the f setting to f3.2, let in too much
light or something.
Pretty much the same as an earlier one.

Bet I cant remember the settings.
I like this one.
I did discover how long it takes to actually get
the photo on some settings, pity
there were no cars around, I think
they would have looked pretty good.
And finally, this Lo, it took me all day to
get this far, I have no idea how it is
supposed to look.
Opinions please, is it done or do I
need to fix it, re-do it, put it in the garbage or what.
I probably should shuffle off to bed, Tiff
is having her friends over tomorrow
to celebrate her birthday.
I think it will be still raining so it will
be hard to keep them occupied.
Think I am tired and I am raving so
I will say goodnight and I will catch
you all tomorrow.


vicmbee said...

I think your LO looks good as is... love the colours in it...

CreativeMe68 said...

Love the photos of the bridge...wish there were cars around for you too!
And I love the Nature's colour LO! Don't change a thing it is perfect, let the photo do the talking because that is just amazing!!! No garbage bin for this LO!!! Frame it!!!
Have fun today organising Tiff's party and I hope the drive was safe last night. Luv Shaz xoxo