Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 124/365
Tiffy had her birthday party today,
so I spent the day taking not so brilliant photos.
I didn't realise my lens was filthy, so the first
lot of photos were not usable.
I think I should have remembered to clean
it after hanging out the car window last night.
Probably got sea salt all through the insides.
Be a bugger if I have to get a new camera,
wont it?
First and only decent pic of Tipster, and
she is hiding behind the cakes.
Next a pic of Sheri, I was trying to
set the shutter speed or something.
The girls ripping pieces of paper to make
confetti, the wind was blowing a gale,
so the papers flew for ages.
Making the confetti fly.
Trying to catch the little pieces.

Group shot, this is about the best of them.
Note, there were only the 4 of them,
Tiff has only got 7 girls in her class, one
was sick, one she forgot to invite,
and the other just did not turn up.
Tiff looks like some sort of fashion disaster.
Ah, the Cake.
Tiff thought it would be good to have
patty cakes in the stand instead of one cake,
must say is was a really good idea too,
there was no wasted cake laying around on serviettes,
and no left over cake to find a home for.
Sheri put the decorations on them.
The tapers were supposed to be sparkler candles.
They did not really work like that, but
they did look pretty when they were lit.
Close up of the patty papers, they are
fairy ones, would you believe it was all I could get.
The party lasted for 5 hours, so to keep the girls
amused I got out the cuttlebug and dies,
cut up a heap of cardstock and let them play.
They thought it was great and would all like to
come live at my house cause they don't
do anything like that at home.
Thanks for sharing my day and Tiff's Birthday with me.


xoxAlyssaxox said...

Gorgeous girls and the cake looks fab :) xx

CreativeMe68 said...

Happy Birthday again Tiff...Looks and sounds like you had plenty of fun

Sue, I love the patty cake holder and all the candles photos! Gorgeous!
Would be a damn shame to have to get a new camera wouldn't it??? Not that I am wishing that on you! Luv Shaz xoxo

Sheri said...

my awsome decorating job :P
the photos look really good mum..
you forgot to mention it was ment to be 60s party lol!!