Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blog Hog Coming Up

Day 131/365
We had the most miserable day today,
rained on an off for hours,
we did manage a bit of sunshine
a few times though.
I have lots of photos to share today,
these ones of the sun shining through
the clouds at about 4 this arvo,
in no particular order.
The middle wharf, I was actually looking for
something interesting on the boats to
take a pic of, this man very
obligingly stood in the right spot just as I
clicked the button, made a better
pic than anything on the boats.
This one was taken when I did a 180
after taking the photos of the sun.
Looks like a totally different day, looks
like the sun is out and the world
is beautiful.
Sheri and her friends had a sleep over last night.
Today they willingly let me take photos.
Thank you girls for giving me the
opportunity to practice portrait shots on you.
I absolutely love this photo of Sheri,
her eyes are amazing.
Sheri and Maddy
Sheri and Darrie
Darrie and Maddy
Group shot.
Another group shot.
Sadly her other friend Claire had to go home
early this morning so we didn't
get a pic with her included.
Next time, I promise.
I could have added so many more photos,
all the girls look beautiful in
in every one I already culled
the ones I wanted to load, I would have
been here all night otherwise,
and I am sure you don't want to see all
of them.
It is still raining here, hopefully it will
be filling our water catchment, it was getting
a bit low. Tomorrow is supposed to
be a better day, fingers crossed it will be.
That is it for me tonight, I will be
working again tomorrow so I should
already be in bed.
Thanks for stopping by to share my day
with me, and Shaz thanks again for
the blog award.


CreativeMe68 said...

No worries is my pleasure to give you that blog award cause does not only your blog make me smile, I sit here in AWE alot of the time...Thinking I love this chick's photos! Mwah & Hugs to you!

Now on to todays must stalk the sun I reckon....cause these are wonderful photos of the sun peaking through the clouds of misery!!lol! Bet you are glad for the rain though!

And OMG when I saw that photo of Sheri I thought she looked absolutely beautiful!!! And the photo shoot with the girls looks AMAZING! Did you use a black background and some lamps for you shoot! And also a piece of strofoam box is great to bounce the light off of too! Ohhh I wished Claire was still there for photos too! Off to photograph the babies again today...And sleeping at Airlie Beach tonight at our friends beach house...can't wait! Check in here again on Monday, and have a fun Sunday Luv Shaz xoxo

Pauly said...

Those photos are wicked!! We had a gorgeous day here...went for a ride, it was great!! Been lovin all your photos, don't always comment, only when I'm uploading as I am logged in already, but I do look daily. LOVE all ya sunsets. Ya portraits look great, I'm with'd ya get the black background? I've usually got crap in the background!