Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 122/365
I think maybe I have gotten carried away again.
Too many photos.
This is the Tathra Wharf, taken this morning
on the way to Bega to do the weekly shopping.
The building looks as if it is slipping down
towards the water, and only the pier
is stopping it from falling in.
I wonder is that an optical illusion or is it really like that.
This is what the day looked like,
we woke to rain, which didn't last long,
but the clouds hung around most of the day.
This is the beach at Tathra.
I stopped on the way home this arvo as well.
I ventured down onto the wharf, everything seems to
be on a slant, until you stand on the wharf itself.
It is the weirdest feeling standing there with
the sea moving under you.
Oh look, almost a sunset.
He he he, think I just cant help myself.
Just some of the supports under the wharf.
The walkway down to the wharf.
Tiff says this is a demented seagull.
Look at the shape of his belly.
Pelican Pete.
Ewww, just noticed the rubbish
in the foreground, yuk.
No wonder it was so smelly where I took
these next couple of photos.
I spotted these boats on the way over the
bridge in the morning, so I sussed
them out this arvo, they are
pretty cool.
Old and rusty.
Bright and colourful.

I think that is enough from me for the day.
I get carried away on the days I don't
work, oh well, I will make up for it
tomorrow, I will be at work, so wont have much
opportunity to do much.
Thanks for dropping by, and leaving me a comment.
Much appreciated.
So until tomorrow, be good to each other.

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CreativeMe68 said...

I love all the photos today...wish I lived near the ocean!!! Hope the weather is kind to you today and look forward to seeing todays photos, will try to get some today in Ayr! Luv Shaz xoxo