Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Tiffy Girl

Happy 11th Birthday
My Darling Girl
How does that song go,
-She must have been a beautiful baby,
she must have been a beautiful child-
This is Tiff about a month before her
3rd Birthday, I might be biased but
I think she was pretty cute even then.
I cooked a cake this morning, bit
of a slap happy job of the decorations,
but she will have something a bit better on
Saturday when she will have her friends over
for a party.
Yay, a half way decent pic of the candles.
Day 119/365
I took these pics of flowers this arvo,
after I had seen the front of the shop.
I needed something to cool my temper,
lucky the landlord didn't come outside,
I might have just lost my cool.
I don't know what sort of flower this is,
but it is pretty nice. Sort of looks like rolled
paper or something, and the most gorgeous colours.
This is the front of the shop.
We have been punished for having the
misfortune of being robbed (twice).
They have caged us in, I hate it.
Why should we be the ones put behind bars,
feels like we are the criminals.
They are ugly and nobody will be able to see into
the shop anymore.
I would have at least taken the crappy signs
off the glass first, cant read them anymore anyway.
Bloody awful.
This is what we will have to look at,
that is if I can even stand to be in the shop.
It is not right and I don't care how often they
tell me it is better than being broken into.
I don't like it. We get caged in, and the
low-life scum that broke in gets to go about his
merry little life like he hasn't got a care in the world.

This just makes me feel like walking out of the business,
and letting them have it.
I don't know if I can take my scrapping to work anymore,
just looking at the pics makes me feel shut-in,
I think I will be standing outside looking at the
traffic whizzing past a lot now.
Ok, as you can tell I am a bit miffed
at the injustice of it all.
I had best go now before I start raving some more.
Thanks for dropping by, and also for leaving
me so many lovely words of encouragement.


Kathie said...

Oh sweetie I feel for you!! we live in the "lower" end of town. Sometimes its like I am the one with the problem not the lowlife that just kicked my fence in or dameaged my friends car that was parked out the front....I do really know where you are coming from!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog...can you believe those numbers??? Its like wow and then wow again!!

Kathie said...

oh yes and Happy birthday Tiffy! Pray it was a great birthday for you sweetie.
Love Aunty Kathie
Mhwa xoxo

Pauly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIFF!! Hope you had a great day!! Sux bigtime bout your shop Sue!

CreativeMe68 said...

Happy Birthday you cute lil birthday girl!! Beautiful baby, beautiful child, beautiful young girl! Love the Cake! The photo of those candles are just gorgeous! And that hibiscus colour was such a deep colour pink!

OHHH I feel for you being caged in like that and feeling like you are the perpetrators of this crime! I know exactly how you are feeling....we are still waiting on something to happen to the guy who did all the damage to our house too!!! Hey Maybe you could use your scrapbooking to take your mind off being in a cage!!! Luv Shaz xoxo