Monday, May 25, 2009

Carried away with the camera again...

Day 126/365
Sorry, I did it again.
I got carried away with the camera.
I had plenty of time to kill around 5 this arvo,
Sheri had to come to town for music, and
it is not worth driving home for half
an hour. So Tiff and I checked out the bridge,
and went for a
walk on the breakwall.
Then back to the bridge to check out the lights
of passing cars.
A boat and trailer crossing the bridge at
sunset. We were standing on the sand
next to the river.
I think the sun had just dropped below the
horizon in this one, not sure though.

This one is when we were walking along
the breakwall.

I set the tripod up to take this, the wind was blowing
so hard I thought everything was going to
topple into the water, including me.
Still not happy with this, but I think I will
have to wait for a non-windy day to try again.

I set the tripod up on the edge of the river,
I was really trying to get the car lights as they
crossed the bridge, but the sides of the bridge
are way too high. I think I will have to try this one
again as well.
This one nearly worked. I caught some of the lights.
It was not really dark enough either.

The lights look like stars.

The water is nearly glowing in this one,
and the lights are great.

I am really enjoying playing with the different
settings on the camera, so come on everyone
get brave, take the camera off the auto settings
and play. Make sure you have a tripod, cause it beats
shutter shake. Most of my pics today were taken
using the shutter button, set to something like 10.0",
not real sure what that means though.
I also played with the ISO, and also the white balance (I think),
and I am thrilled with the results.
Thanks for visiting my blog, please leave a comment
and tell me what you think of my pics,
I am really liking the latest ones.


vicmbee said...

love your pics they look great... like the colours in the top 2 and the others as well... I like the ones from yesty of tiffy.

CreativeMe68 said...

Gorgeous photos of a bridge....All I saw was the lights and the reflection.Obviously you didn't go down late last night and take some more photos of the bridge! I am with you Sue, come on girls take the camera off auto! I have some to share today too! Mine are no where as good as yours Sue Luv Shaz xoxo