Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 132/365
No sunsets today, I am not sure the sun
even came up, it was a miserable day here.
Windy, cloudy, and very cold.
This photo was taken at the Blue Pool
looking back towards Bearres Beach,
the waves were monstrous and
rolling from way out past the usual breakers.
I finally got a photo of the Gallahs out the front
of the shop. Not a great pic, but hey what ya
gonna do on a day like today.
I forgot to add this one last night, the verdict
on the toffee apples was a collective YUMMMMMM.
I don't know whether to believe the girls
(not mine) or not, but they said they had
never had a toffee apple before.
I didn't get to taste one but they looked
pretty yummy.

In answer to a question in my comments,
the black background is a piece of
fabric I have had for ages,
it is some sort of brushed velour
or something, it works well as a background.
I took the portrait shots outside on
the veranda. I set up my own studio.
I used a bed frame to hang the fabric, with
a blanket underneath to stop sun
shining through, and another
piece of fabric, a lined curtain piece, to
reflect the sunlight back towards the
girls faces, I hung that on the clothes horse,
and there you go, my own special studio.
Not a lot to keep you interested today,
I worked, only had a few customers,
finished one Lo, almost finished another,
which I will photograph in the morning,
and that was my day.
Thank you all for the comments that you
leave me, and thanks for popping over
just to look, I too am guilty of looking but not
leaving a comment all the time.
Until tomorrow my faithful friends,
may you all be happy and healthy.

1 comment:

CreativeMe68 said...

Ohhh No! No sunsets...well I am not looking anymore! LOL!!! Ahhh only kidding....I got some last night will share tonight!!!

I love the look of the Blue Pool(why is it called that?) Those waves look so big!!! Love the have have been quite as a mouse to get these are they are really flighty birds normally. Those toffee apples looked so yummy the other day made my mouth water then and making them drool now...oops better wipe my chin!

Thanks for sharing your tips on the photography...That is exactly what that photographer that I did the course with uses black velvet and lamps.

Can't wait to see the LO's! Had a great time at the beach some sunset photos and heaps of masts and marina photos. Luv Shaz xoxo