Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 112/365
Today I put the camera onto the macro
setting and went for a walk around the paddock.
I changed the colour settings as well.
Just a few photos I found of interest.
The dead heads on the agapanthus.
A wee little chili bush in Marks garden,
never even knew it was there, I don't venture
down that way very often.
I also found some spinach, this one is the red one,
there was also pink and yellow.
A coupling on one of the boat trailers,
we have about 8 boats agisted out the side.
Winch cogs in black and white.
Winch rope.
Same coupling in sepia.
Different trailer, different sort of winch coupling.
Who would have thought I had this much
to take photos of at my place.
A flower from up the road, I have taken a photo
of this before but I like the depth of field
in this one.
And check this out, I finished another Lo.
This one is the negative space challenge over at
RSS. I might even try to load some Lo's
over there this month.
Criteria; Paper, ink, stamps and journaling pen.
Sheri does not like this one, she thinks
it is not finished. It is not the best
photo again, so hard to take a decent pic
in the night time.

That is it for me for the day, not
sure what I will take a photo of tomorrow,
another work day, I would like to
take photos of some of the interesting
customers, but feel a bit silly asking if
I can, oh well will just have to wait and
see what I come up with.
Thanks for dropping by.


CreativeMe68 said...

I love the LO of is her gorgeous natural self that shines through in this LO! Great negative space! those photos of the boat bits are wicked in b&w and sepia....and now that you have helped my find the b&w and sepia button...I will be copying you too! But it won't be of boat bits though! LOL! Love the depth of field photo too Luv Shaz xoxo

Karen said...

Wow, you Really have an eye for turning the ordinary into the extrodinary through with your eye through your lens!!! I have a gazillion dead head roses that I always feel spoil the beauty of the live ones (yeah, I know, I could clip them....but I'm severly brush of a thorn and I'm a huge red itchy bubble! :>) that I'm trying to photograph. But, you made your dead head agapanthus just gorgeous! And all of those rusted metal photos.....they all just sang, as if they had a long story to tell if only we would sit for a spell and listen. So glad I blurfed on over here! :>

Pauly said...

Great photos again! Love ya neg space LO, get over and enter it!! Sounds like Sheri thinks the same as me, not finished!! I love looking at neg. space LO's, but struggle to do them...I just wanna keep adding!