Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 129/365
A little ray of sunshine.
There has not been much sun to talk
about lately.
It was shopping day today,
so I stopped to take these two photo coming past
Wallaga Lake.
I moved along the road a little bit to take
this one, I think it is much nicer than the
first one.
The next two photos are almost the same,
same boats, same harbour, same background,
different colour in the sky, I am not
sure which photo should be first.

That is it for the days photos.
How depressing is it to go do the grocery
shopping these days.
I am finding that I am buying less and less
each week but my bill is getting bigger and bigger.
The quality and/or quantity of
some of the usual things I buy is not the same either.
Chocolates were on special today, have
you noticed the new boxes they are in,
the chocolate inside has shrunk by 50 gram,
but the price of each block has risen by at
least 50c. Do the manufacturers think we
are blind as well as dumb.
And what is with the new bottle that my
detergent comes in. It no longer has a handle
to hang onto, just this shape where your hand
is supposed to fit, huh, what a joke, I now find most of
the time that I am using two hands to lift the stuff.
I must be tired, I am not only raving, I am whinging too.
I had better get my self to bed and
have a good sleep so I am awake for work in the morning.
Thanks for dropping by to share my day,
I will be back tomorrow.


CreativeMe68 said...

I love the boat pics and the lil ray of sunshine ones. I know what you mean about the price of groceries!!!

Don't worry I only posted that one this morning as I was feeling yuk still yesterday morning when I started to write it!!! Sorry I didn't tell you about your surprise!
Can you see the one I wrote this morning with photos of the new baby!
Hey we have to exchange phone numbers, would love to have a convo over the phone with you! I got a capped std rate so I can call you anytime....
Have a great day and I am glad that the award put a smile on your face. Luv Shaz xoxo
PS Hope Sheri likes her surprise too

vicmbee said...

love your pics... I noticed the choc had shrunk too, and the chippies as well and sure do get less for the dollar especially in a small town where there is no competion.. Pauly may have given you the same award too... memory has escaped me who she put down ... you photo's sure do put smiles on everyone's faces.