Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 105/365
Oh dear, I am going to bore you all
with heaps of photos again.
I just cant decide which ones I like the best.
So I will just put them all up.
This one is Barragoot Beach, just before sunset.
This is the same beach, looking back the other way.
The girls climbed over the rocks, so of course I
had to follow them, I was taking a pic
of Tiff here, just as I took the pic she stepped behind
the rock, but I still like the colours and the
bubbles and everything.
This is a pattern in one of the rocks.
Looks like layers of chocolate.
This one looks like a lunar landscape, or
a mountain covered in snow.
It is the water covering the rocks after
a wave washed over them.
Some grass on the side of the cliff we climbed.
We scaled up the side of the cliff here.
All was good until I looked behind me,
I am scared of heights so I could not take a pic
of the climb.
I nearly got home without taking a sunset,
but we were so close to Cuttagee I
just could not help myself.
The whole sky lit up with this one.
One lonely little Heron.
I had the camera zoomed as far as it
would go to take this.
Then coming back across the bridge at
Barragoot, we had to stop to catch this one.
And this totally awesome photo below was taken
by Sheri. I love it, looks like some sort of
oil painting or something.
She took it while I was zooming up the hill,
she did not want me to stop again, so
she just clicked and said keep going.
Have I already said I love it.

Sheri thinks I am weird, she said
it is blurry and blah, but I
think it is fantastic.
Sorry for being a pain and adding heaps of things again.
I just cant help myself.
That is it for me tonight,
check with you all again tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.

1 comment:

CreativeMe68 said...

Ohhh I could never get tired of your sunset photos Sue....Your photography inspires me to take more and more photos. Just wished that we had beautiful sunrises like that!
Love the photo of the white and brown rocks...I kept looking at it thinking it was a snow covered rock,
the I re-read what you said and I am like it really does look like that!
I LOVE Sheri's zooming photo too! Out voted Sheri!!! Luv Shaz xoxo