Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 118/365
What an absolutely brilliant day we had today.
The sun was shining, there was no wind,
and it was pretty warm.
This is a 'hood ornament' that was on an
vintage truck that was parked across from the shop.
I liked the way the sun made the wings glow.
Just another sunset. This one just slipped onto the camera
while I was talking to a lady at the gantry, Lol.
I like the way the sun is shining through the cabin.
A few of the fish that were being weighed in
the fishing comp.
A Mako shark, I think about 96kg.

A Yellowfin Tuna about 31kg.

A striped Marlin about 92kg.

I played with the black and white setting
again today, out the side of the shop,
with the brick wall behind my model.
How come I can only take a nice
photo of either girl if the other one is nowhere around.
Tiff was having fun, and I could have taken dozens of
great shots of her, she was posing like a pro.

I am sure if Sheri was there, I would have gotten
grumpy faces on one or the other of them.
Ah well, one day I will have them both in the
same place at the same time, and they
will both look at the camera and smile (I can only dream).
It is Tiff's birthday tomorrow, and I can
imagine she will be out of bed early.
She has already plugged the DS in to charge
so she can use it tomorrow, no surprises for
her tomorrow, she already knows what gifts
she has.
Thanks for stopping by, you all be good now.


Kathie said...

Your photos are fantastic...I enjoy just coming here to see what you have been up to each day!!

vicmbee said...

gorgeous pics again. It does happen rarely that perfect shot when the kids are all looking only just mentioned that on my blog with the LO I just finished.... Love the sunset one ... thought you snuck that in nicely...

CreativeMe68 said...

Ohhh I have so missed out on your photos this weekend! I am here now and omg you get really beautiful sunsets down your way!!!

Love the photos of Tiff!!! I stole one from another post to put on my blog today...go check it out!

WOW!!! there were some big fish caught over the weekend! Luv Shaz xoxo

Pauly said...

Love the B & W's of Tiff, just beautiful...and of course the sunset!! Took some today I will load shortly (nothing like your brilliant sunsets!!) They just don't make them like that here!!